A380 Assembly Hall

Taller megastructure

The largest European industrial project, the A380 assembly plant in Blagnac has an astonishing number of achievements: 200,000 m² built, or around ten halls with a span of 100 m and a height of 32 m, with which 20 ha of outdoor aircraft areas; an achievement on more than 200 hectares.

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The project was unusual in several respects : its size of course, but also its technical complexity and its very short completion time.

To meet this challenge, Airbus and the project management consortium set up a single integrated project team on site.

This organization made it possible to design, build and deliver all the works to end-users in just 3 years, from spring 2001 to spring 2004.


Hall d'assemblage Airbus A380

A facade reflecting the sky, the natural space of the A380

 Hall d'assemblage Airbus A380






Technical informations


Location Toulouse (31)
Contracting authority Airbus France 
Partners Aéroports de Paris, Technip, ETI, Gamba acoustique
Mission Full 
Amount 188 M€ 
Surface 147,000 sqm
Delivery 2004
Distinction Prize for the most beautiful metal construction works 2006