Our approach


A creative vision and a passionate commitment 

With a team of 90 architects, our integrated architecture firm bases its added value on its ability to coordinate interdisciplinary exchanges to better reconcile them in all aspects of a project, while respecting a rigorous and virtuous approach. For 40 years, we have been perfecting our major project practice in many areas: from aeronautics to space, from industry to health, not to mention sports, culture and housing.
Our know-how is reflected in our ability to learn from the Group's skills or in external collaborations with colleagues and partners, such as sociologists, data scientists, historians, etc. Kardham Architecture is now among the Top 10 French architectural firms.


Making the building an experiential project

In every architectural project, whatever the field of activity, we seek a balance between functional expertise and emotional experience. The dialogue between different employees allows us to pick up on the faintest of signals in order to construct buildings with you that are powerful symbols, because they are places that forge connections. We are never more satisfied with an architectural project than when we are convinced that it benefits both humanity and the urban environment.


Cultivating architectural independence

Because we are plural - many trades, many activities, many areas of expertise, many skills - our uniqueness and our freedom to design as associate architects are magnified, protected and preserved. More than a core activity, architecture is part of a whole, blending its creative essence with the DNA of the Group's other disciplinary fields.



ISO 9001 and BIM: tools for progress

ISO 9001 certified. While this certification may be a selection criterion for project management, we have above all endeavoured to make it a tool for progress, capable of improving our quality of customer service and our professionalism regarding risk prevention.
Since 2010, we have been developing expertise in modelling tools (BIM - Building Information Modelling), a genuine technological opportunity for a more efficient but also more virtuous design of buildings.

Our areas of expertise

Service sector

By bringing together the expertise of our architecture, consulting and space design teams, we design service-sector buildings and office spaces as places that express society's transformations and innovative trends. Whether we are talking about building modularity, energy efficiency and comfort, or user experience, it is our integrated approach that determines both the suitability for use and the performance of the assets.

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The strength of our integrated offer allows you to reinvent your commercial spaces to respond to sociological changes and the impact of new technologies by designing technically complex and innovative projects. In this way, we are able to meet the needs of investor-owners as well as the operators of major retail chains or service branch networks and, of course, users.

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Industry & Logistics

By being in control of the dialogue with process engineering and environmental issues, we design buildings for industrial and logistical efficiency which are always better integrated into their host environment.  And because industrial investment is a long-term undertaking, we are committed to anticipating tomorrow's regulatory constraints.

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Hotels & Housing

Making your brand stand out while enabling it to offer a unique and renewed experience, adapted to the frequent changes in interior design. To make the quality of the customer experience the leitmotif of property design.

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Building or even expanding airports is a major challenge. An airport is one of the emblems of a city and an entire region. Its development can only be conceived in harmony with its surroundings. Airports are naturally subject to many functional, technical and security requirements. They are living environments where people congregate, where commercial, cultural and recreational activities are developed, in an abundance of technologies that ensure both security and the fluidity of the traveller's journey.

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The world of education - in both schools and higher education institutions - is having to deal with changes in society. New teaching practices are changing the way spaces are used and are largely based on the most innovative technologies. The planning of a teaching building must be innovative and involve all the stakeholders in the project. Its construction must guarantee the greatest efficiency in terms of operating performance and sustainable development. Much more than schools, future places of education will become focal areas in the city, dedicated to a multitude of uses beyond teaching.

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Sport & Culture

As a true “heart of the city”, we envisage the large sports and cultural facility as a living environment, a global and multifunctional concept, capable of hosting all kinds of sports, festive and special events, etc.
Our architects have successfully developed a reconfigurable modular stadium concept capable of ensuring the sustainability and profitability of these major investments.

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Justice buildings are inherently polysemic: symbols of the institution, they are workplaces with high functional and security requirements, as well as public places.
Our expertise, based on a broad technical platform, guarantees compliance with the plan’s requirements, the quality of the technical and architectural solutions, in addition to controlled construction and operating costs.

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In a context of very rapid changes in medical technology, successfully completing a hospital building project often means taking part in a co-creation process in which close collaboration between the project owner and the design teams is a decisive ingredient in the success of the operation.
Our teams of architects, engineers and consultants act with a constant concern for reconciling the requirements of medical teams and operators with the expectations of a better experience for patients.

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Urban spaces

The act of building is a long-term responsibility. And while we are attentive to the performance of the functions and the well-being of the users of the buildings we design, our primary responsibility is that of environmental integration. We believe that integration into an urban ecosystem, at neighbourhood or regional level, is as much a landscape design as it is an invitation to reinvent a peaceful co-existence.
At a time when smart buildings are integrated into the smart city, when we are looking for useless space that is useful space, our teams share the ambition of humanistic urban planning: in each project we seek to construct buildings that are inspiring for their environment and connected to the ambitions of their host territory.   

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"We create buildings whose presence is obvious."

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David Habrias

Managing Partner
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Emilie Bryant

Development Director
Architecture & Engineering

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Chantal Aïra Crouan

Chantal Aïra-Crouan

Partner Architect
Director of the Paris IDF branch

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Frédéric Rafael Fernandes

Frédéric Rafael Fernandes

Partner Architect

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Pierre-Jean Artins

Pierre-Jean Artins

Partner Architect
Culture, Hotels & Housing, Education

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Romuald Dobrzynski

Romuald Dobrzynski

Partner Architect
Health, Education, Justice, Overseas

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Magali Donze

Magali Donze

Partner Architect
Industry, Service sector

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Mansour Ostad

Mansour Ostad

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Airports, Sports, Retail

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