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Reuse and architecture: building a project using available resources

With 460 million tonnes of mineral materials per year (ADEME, 2019), the building and public works sector is the leading waste creator in France. The recent Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Act of February 10, 2020, known as the "Agec Act", requires project owners, from January 2023, to draw up a "products, equipment, materials, waste" (PEMD) diagnosis, as well as to make use of reuse and reemployment in demolition and rehabilitation projects. In this context, architectural practices are likely to be reshaped to integrate resources already present in the project process.

Expert - Safa Ben Khedher

Safa Ben Khedher

Architect "DE-HMONP"
Doctoral student in architecture and cities at the Centre de Recherche sur l'Habitat (CRH) of the Laboratoire architecture, ville, urbanisme, environnement (LAVUE) of the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Val de Seine (ENSAPVS).

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