Chaque année, nous concevons et construisons plus d’un million de m² de surfaces tertiaires, commerciales, industrielles et logistiques. Pour que chaque m² soit un m² utile et bénéfique, nous cultivons le dialogue passionné afin de produire des solutions ingénieuses.

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Article published in In Interiors

More than ever, environmental quality contributes to the promotion of any real estate project. As the need for more virtuous square meters arises, Kardham is accelerating the development of its sustainable development consultancy activity. Interview with Frédéric Maillet, director of the Consulting department.

Frédéric Maillet

Frédéric Maillet

Head of Consulting
AMO, Programming, BIM consulting, Workplace & Change management

+33 6 71 99 37 78
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