Our approach


Tailor-made consulting

The consulting division is structured around specialist consultants to offer support solutions tailored to your project. Our project teams respond to all the needs of players in the property business, whether they are investors, owners, users or operators. True catalysts for the Group's skills, our consultants bring together expertise and experience in order to ask the right question and provide the best answer with complete independence: the one that guarantees you lasting benefits, now and in the future.



Support throughout the life cycle

The richness and depth of our expertise enables us to explore solutions at all levels to meet your objectives. By offering all real estate players the opportunity to benefit from unique support in their strategy definition, programme definition, project management and commissioning of buildings and services, our consultants implement their cross-functional approach to consulting in long-lasting relations. Beautiful references reveal themselves over time; beautiful stories are made every moment. 



Creating value in use

It is self-evident that the way we construct buildings and the way in which we inhabit them are among the most important challenges related to our changing way of life. Ensuring that each of your real estate projects can have a positive impact on this change is a challenge. Our consulting teams share the conviction that only a holistic vision of your issues can create lasting benefits for all those involved in the property business. By mobilising all the levers of real estate transformation - environmental, digital, organisational - we make a unique contribution in each project to inventing new spaces and uses that create value.

Our areas of expertise

Project Management Support & Delegated Project Management: Building and Development

The appropriateness of the project strategy and the rigour of an involved management team

The success of a real estate project is linked to management of the early stages and anticipation of risks. A major challenge lies in the ability to implement an organisation where the contributions of the various players converge beyond their own interests. This cooperative relationship, which is the essence of our project management, aims to create and optimise unity of meaning and purpose.

For each project, we implement a tailor-made management approach that takes into account the constraints and potential of our clients in order to derive motivation from their culture, business and organisation. Benefiting from the Group's expertise, our consultants are in control of all aspects of a project at each of its stages: Ensuring consistency of technical know-how, aligning the way in which challenges are perceived, creating a win-win dynamic in the dialogue between experts and non-specialists, and managing business processes are all levers to be activated to make projects run smoothly and prevent risks.

The Project Management Support/Delegated Project Management team's role is to support project owners in the overall management of their building projects, from strategic thought processes to the start of operations. Our consultants are as invested in project management expertise as they are in human relations management. Simply because we know from experience that risks are never technical, but always linked to the divergence of interests between stakeholders.

Typical engagements:

  • Operations management
  • Delegated Project Management
  • Project Management Officer
  • Project Management Support: development
  • Project Management Support: sustainable development & environment
  • Project Management Support: BIM and Smart Building
  • Contract management

Investor Consulting

Accelerating the sustainable increase in the value of your property assets

The location and quality of the building form the basis of the value of your real estate asset. Its performance, especially environmental performance, habitability, flexibility and connectivity ensure its positioning in its market.
Meeting the expectations of users and anticipating their needs is today's lever for creating property value. Depending on the type and location of your assets, we ensure their positioning throughout their life cycle. Objective: to accelerate the sustainable increase in the value of your assets.
From market positioning to assistance with the design of digital services in order to create selective added value in marketing and for users, and from technical sales Project Management Support (Assistance à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage - AMO) to the latest marketing decisions, we call on all the business expertise of the Group's activities.

Typical engagements:

  • Location and property market analysis
  • Understanding uses and trends
  • Assessment of the suitability of an investment project
  • Recommendations on asset valuation
  • Operational marketing strategy
  • Maximisation of rental streams
  • Optimisation of communication and sales oversight

Real Estate Strategy

Aligning property and business strategy

How to align the real estate with my business strategy. How to optimise operating costs. How to manage external or internal growth. Which scenario to choose to increase the value of the property portfolio. How to meet the challenges of the property portfolio.

It is to answer all these questions, and the issues related to them, that the staff of the Occupier Solutions division work with you by auditing, analysing and providing recommendations to establish the best scenarios in line with your company's strategy. We support and advise you throughout the implementation of your real estate project.

Property as an indispensable tool in the company's strategy. Property as a solid and durable tool of the company. And that is why we are particularly careful, at the early stages and during implementation, to connect your needs with the realities of the real estate market in order to create sustainable and shared value. 

Typical engagements:

  • Opportunity study and decision-making support: leave or stay? Buy or rent?
  • Real Property Master Plan
  • Market research and review
  • Research and negotiation for the lease or acquisition of all types of assets
  • Lease renegotiation, early exit, lease exit negotiation (restoration clause)
  • Project set-up (property development agreement (contrat de promotion immobilière - CPI), off-plan sale (vente en l'état futur d'achèvement - VEFA), off-plan commercial lease (bail commercial en l'état futur d'achèvement - BEFA), etc.),

Planning of Works and Uses

Our holistic approach in the management of works and uses

Planning is the founding stage of a building project. On the one hand, it requires strategic thought processes and a decision; on the other hand, it constitutes the benchmark that will guide the entire operation. A unique benchmark, which goes beyond established standards and should meet the needs of each client.

The challenges during this phase are manifold, often divergent, and specific to the context of each operation. Our specialist planning consultants will guide you through this process using a customised approach. Supported by our consultants specialised in organisation, sustainable development and smart building, as well as by the Group's various areas of expertise, our holistic approach is in line with the objective of bringing together the interests of all project owner stakeholders and uses. 

Our planning is intended to be collaborative, by involving users early on in the thinking process, for a response rooted in uses, for better project adherence and to promote communication between all stakeholders. Driven by our culture of feedback, our approach also aims to be forward-looking, with the support of our R&D unit, to anticipate societal and technological developments. 

Our team advises you in the early scoping of your construction, restoration and development operations, for innovative and sustainable plans, with no disruption between the building and its development, by combining understanding and innovation in uses.

Typical engagements:

  • Real Estate Master Plan
  • Opportunity study
  • Feasibility study
  • Advice on setting up operations
  • Architectural, functional and technical planning
  • Environmental planning
  • BIM and Smart Building planning
  • Support during the tender process
  • Plan suitability - design studies

Workplace consulting & Service design

Creating an environment that focuses on the organisation's challenges and a unique user experience

Designing the environment to focus on your organisation’s challenges

The evolution in working methods is subverting the traditional codes of the service-sector environment. It is a question of finding the perfect balance between space optimisation, organisational performance and employee commitment.
The new workspaces, which are flexible and sustainable, must be experienced as the expression of your managerial project. Because they speak for your company, they go beyond the scope of their uses; they are a decisive factor in attracting and retaining talent.
We help you implement your business plan by making it a reality in your working environment. Our benchmarks and studies, carried out with our R&D unit, allow us to contextualise your specific requirements. Together with you, we build your customised environment.

Building pathways and associated solutions for a unique user experience

Digitalisation is transforming everyday life. Both at home and at work, users expect new services that are simple, fast and efficient in order to adapt to the new rhythms of life and work that are developing.
While the services offered to users should make their lives easier and allow them to concentrate on the essentials, they should also enrich the emotional experience of workplaces, places of education and living environments. Naturally, the solutions deployed should also optimise site operations and enhance value creation.
We help you define and implement your user pathways by co-creating a service-oriented environment where each use is thought out across its various dimensions: spatial, digital and human.

Typical engagements:

  • Organisational, spatial and digital assessment
  • Working environment strategy
  • Planning of uses and development concept
  • Follow-up of design studies
  • Service modelling
  • Smart Workplace planning
  • Advice on and management of service implementation

Sustainable Development Consulting

Integrating environmental and societal issues into the heart of your projects

Fully and sustainably meeting environmental challenges means considering all the levers of action that can be mobilised to optimise environmental quality in each project. We are committed to working alongside you while prioritising a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach, from planning to operation. Our range of feedback enables us to innovate and to select high-performance practices in terms of energy efficiency and low carbon.

We are convinced that environmental performance is all the more efficient if human beings are at the heart of the development project's approach. With a constant concern for usability, we base our support on 3 fundamental pillars: the building, the design and your organisation’s QWL approach. This is the spirit of the Certivéa OsmoZ label with which we are affiliated.

Finally, we advise and support you in choosing the most appropriate certifications and labels, to optimise the environmental performance of your projects and create sustainable value for your assets.

Typical engagements:

  • Project Management Support (Assistance à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage - AMO) and Delegated Project Management (Maîtrise d'ouvrage déléguée - MOD): sustainable development & environment
  • Support for certifications and labels (BREEAM, OsmoZ, E+C-, BBCA, WELL, etc.)
  • Specific studies: carbon footprint, total cost, commissioning, circular economy, etc.
  • Search for financing: EEC valuation, call for projects, etc.

Change management

Giving meaning and supporting teams in the transformation process

Support to give meaning

Behind every relocation there is a strong management commitment. And more than any other project in a company, a building project is a key moment that offers real potential for reviewing the challenges of transforming organisations. Fostering collective intelligence, boosting innovation, strengthening commitment, promoting flexibility and attracting talent are all opportunities to be leveraged in order to have a lasting impact on the company's overall balance.

While the creation of a new environment is essential to transform working methods and assert the uniqueness of the company, co-design and appropriation strategies are essential. It is a question of giving meaning to and establishing new practices together in order to enrich the experience of users and facilitate their use of the new codes.

We support our clients' ecosystem - executives, employees, managers, HR departments, project teams, staff representatives - to establish a new social contract, embodied in a new space and a new common frame of reference for co-existence.

Typical engagements:

  • Socio-cultural assessment
  • Mobilisation strategy and storytelling
  • Participatory design approach
  • Project communication
  • Evolution of managerial and collaborative practices
  • Social dialogue

BIM & Smart Building consulting

Managing DATA to optimise the operation of your buildings and the quality of your uses

The BIM approach offers the opportunity to optimise the operation of a building and its functioning for its users. Planned and deployed according to best practices, structured, functional and descriptive databases of the works make it possible to mobilise all the levers of Smart Building.

Efficient management of collected data requires a transformation of organisations and their tools in order to fully benefit from the advantages of preventive maintenance.

The controlled use of technologies to build an operating system for buildings and control their centralised management multiplies the levers for optimising operations. This use of active data is the starting point for predictive maintenance.
Choosing to collect data, analyse it, exploit it and put it to the use of preventive and predictive maintenance in order to create value for all players in the real estate industry is to participate in the Smart Building revolution.

We support your building projects from their strategy to their operation, by prioritising specialist know-how in uses, so that the management of your data guarantees a sustainable operation of your buildings and provides quality of life for users.

Typical engagements:

  • BIM Project Management Support (Assistance à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage - AMO) and BIM Project Management
  • BIM operation consulting
  • Smart Building Planning and Support
  • Support for R2S labelling
“Building together the real estate strategies that enhance your assets and enrich their uses.”

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