Feeling good at work!
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We are committed to promoting the well-being of our employees through:

  • Our collaborative spaces: offices and workspaces that encourage sharing and project work
  • Time for communication and discussion: monthly general sessions with all Group employees, "Brain Juice“, workplace league, green team,....

  • Our user-friendly spaces

  • Engaging employees in corporate philanthropy

  • Access to various wellbeing services





Balancing private and professional life

Recognizing and promoting work-life balance contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity and is one of the success factors for a company.

We help our employees to balance their professional, personal and family lives: better life and better work.

  • The company is committed to the right to disconnect for its employees
  • We offer good health insurance to all of our employees
  • The possibility to adapt working time - through part-time work.





Working in a non-discriminating environment

23 nationalities represented in the Group!

60% women in our workforce

More than 550 employees, aged between 19 and 65!

As we are committed to developing a responsible corporate culture in line with our values, the fight against discrimination is one of the priorities of our human resources policy.






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