Our vision



The Group is committed to the ecological and social transition as a corporate citizenship.

Out of respect for evolving regulations and laws, but also for the personal development of our employees, the preservation of the environment and our territorial impact, we are deploying our CSR strategy through an 2030 agenda.


As a result, we are committing each of our businesses to this transition, which must be embraced by all.

Each of our activities is assessed on defined points, with the aim of improving our approaches and developing them in a transparent, ethical and virtuous manner.

We engage in daily dialogue with our stakeholders to align our perceptions of the future and our mutual commitments, because only together can we make a real impact.


For several years now, the Group has been rallying its stakeholders around CSR issues, and now benefits from a new guideline that will centralize efforts and mobilize as many people as possible.


Our strategic priorities



“Our CSR strategy is a real conviction, one that responds to our ambitions and enables us to better control our impacts and accelerate the transition of our businesses.“

Jean-François Couëc,
Chairman of Kardham Group


Our charters and social responsibilities




The physical and emotional integrity of our current and future employees is a priority for Kardham.


For this reason, all our departments and entities are involved in a strong Ethical approach.

Our aim is to highlight the Group's values and standards, and our ethical, social and environmental principles. We are morally committed to this approach, so that all our employees and stakeholders are aware of these values.


Sustainable procurement

In line with the French Duty of Vigilance Act and the AGEC law, our CSR strategy has naturally focused on Sustainable Procurement.


Indeed, procurement strategy has gradually evolved towards a more ethical stance. In short, the social and environmental "cost" of a purchase has become as significant as the financial "cost".

As the Group has a strong influence through its Design & Build, Digital and general services activities, we have created a Sustainable Procurement Charter that embodies our values and a code of good business conduct.
This charter establishes a common framework for our employees, suppliers and subcontractors, enabling us to maintain a balanced relationship.

It also determines the way in which our construction economists, our general services and our business lines approach an honest business relationship.

Download our Sustainable Procurement Charter.



Our Anti-Corruption Code contains principles and guidelines for ethical behavior.


Every employee must therefore be aware of and apply the rules set out in this code.

According to the AFA ( the French Anti-Corruption Agency), corruption affects one company in five. It is therefore both necessary and important for any company wishing to be a transparent and responsible corporate citizenship to deploy an anti-corruption system.

With this in mind, our CSR Committee and CSR Department have set up a working group of volunteer ambassadors representing our businesses and cross-functional departments. The aim of the group is to identify the risks and define the framework for managing this issue internally.


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employees involved
in our CSR strategy


suppliers involved in our
"Sustainable Procurement" campaign


Our actions




Associative projects need support to thrive and are absolutely essential to social and environmental progress.


The Group is committed to supporting them by offering its employees the opportunity to select projects they feel strongly about, and for which they will act as ambassadors within our organization..

We attach great importance to supporting independent projects that have a direct impact on society. We have established a policy of financial and skills sponsorships, through which our employees share their expertise to help build a better world.


Digital responsibility

Digital technology is one of this century's major challenges, with a growing impact on resources.


All digital data requires a large number of raw materials and rare earth elements. Aware of these challenges, Kardham is committed to the responsible use of digital technology.

That's why our teams are committed to implementing sustainable solutions for digital use. In particular, we have run a 2-day "Digital Clean-Up Day" campaign to raise awareness and get employees involved, enabling better individual and collective data management in the future.

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Sustainable procurement approach

As part of this same Sustainable Procurement approach, the CSR department, in collaboration with our economists and buyers, has created a CSR questionnaire for our current and future suppliers.


Its purpose is to find out about their commitments, so that we can select the organizations we work with. It is important to Kardham that each of its stakeholders is committed, in order to initiate positive change throughout its value chain.



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