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Frédéric STOPPA

We are contributing to the ecological transition of cities and commercial property by working closely with our customers at every stage of the value chain, capitalising on our talents, who have diverse backgrounds and are experts in change management.

We aim to put all our know-how and innovation at the service of environmental sobriety, the quality of life of users and the territories in which we operate on a daily basis.


Frédéric Stoppa
Associate Director in charge of Sustainable Development, Innovation and R&D



 Our main focuses




We are deploying the full range of our business expertise to successfully decarbonize our business.


Kardham is thus committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its business by 2030 and 2040, in line with the French Low Carbon Strategy and European directives, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.
To achieve this commitment, the Group has carried out its Carbon Footprint Assessment (Scope 1, 2 and 3) and drawn up a targeted decarbonization strategy based on two main pillars of action :

  • Reducing the impact linked to its internal activity: operation of its premises, typology of its car fleet, implementation of its travel policy, digital responsibility.
  • Reducing the impact of its business activities: reducing the carbon footprint of its projects and operations as a whole, implementing a sustainable procurement policy, integrating the circular economy, etc.


We are committed to adopting a responsible approach to biodiversity in order to avoid and reduce the stress of our activities on nature.


Aware of the impact our activities have on nature, we are committed to adopting a responsible approach to biodiversity in order to avoid and reduce these pressures, and even build with living things.
We are increasing our initiatives to introduce nature into the city, on buildings and plots of land, to promote resilience, well-being and take advantage of its many other co-benefits.

In the design of our structures and projects, we encourage the use of biodiversity measures, the creation of landscaping using local species, and the conservation of natural spaces and the de-artificialization of land.



Our cross-disciplinary expertise in energy performance and renewable solutions enables us to address the full range of sobriety challenges.


The real estate industry is responsible for a third of the world's energy consumption, most of which is still of fossil fuel origin and therefore contributes to environmental pollution. To meet these sobriety challenges, Kardham has developed cross-disciplinary expertise and offers comprehensive support in the field of energy performance and renewable solutions.

The approach to energy performance in buildings is a complex subject, bringing together a multitude of areas of technical, architectural, sociological and financial expertise. 

By collecting and valorizing building data, Kardham Digital's teams make buildings intelligent: they gain greater control over their impact and become more efficient by optimizing their energy consumption.
Added to this complexity today is the strong desire to control carbon impact, which concerns both new construction and renovation, and which is necessary and unavoidable to achieve European's climate objectives.


Circular economy

Systematically integrate elements of the circular economy and reduce waste production in all our operations.


The frequent renewal of tertiary facilities and the often short lifespan of modern buildings contribute drastically to the sector's production of waste and greenhouse gases. According to the French Ministry of the Environment, the real estate and construction sector generates around 50 million tonnes of waste per year, 80% of which is inert and therefore ready for re-use.

Aware of these challenges, Kardham is committed to systematically integrating elements of the circular economy into its projects, and to reducing waste production in all its operations.


Quality of life

The quality of life of building occupants is the ultimate goal of Kardham's activities.


Our project methodologies always place quality of life at the heart of the equation, as a source of overall performance for organizations.

We ensure that real estate transformation projects meet quality of life imperatives through physical, functional and psychological comfort. To achieve this, we work for and with users to ensure that we are as close as possible to their needs and uses. We address both the material dimension of the transformation through the building and the immaterial dimension through the human aspect.
As quality-of-life contexts are always unique, only a tailor-made approach is relevant.
To this end, we have developed change management methodologies, promote the Osmoz label and carry out dedicated surveys of occupants after refurbishment.



Objective of our projects accompanied by a Carbon Footprint / LCA study


energy audits carried out on tertiary and industrial sites for our customers since 2022


of our projects integrate the circular economy


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