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Our international development strategy is based on two pillars: the opening of our own offices and the support of a network of partners who share our vision and enrich our business resources. To support our clients, we combine integration and proximity in order to develop all our expertise. In Europe and North Africa, our employees share with our partners the ambition to have a global impact at all local levels. Kardham also makes a point of welcoming international profiles into its teams, thereby broadening its multicultural dimension.

The numerous international projects undertaken by the Group have resulted in many beautiful operations that are also beautiful stories. We have worked in nearly 40 countries around the world. Whatever the geography, all our professions are naturally mobilized for the success of your projects.

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Over the years, Kardham has built a network of partners in Europe in order to offer the full range of its services and to respond to its clients' requests with the same proximity relationship that the group has always sought to have. 

Whether they are architects, space design experts or engineers, our partners are recognized for their know-how as well as their knowledge of local markets. 

Sharing the ambition to co-construct the future of cities, companies and organizations by mastering the transformations of today's world, our network provides solutions with the same high impact and quality throughout the world, taking into account the specific challenges of each country.

Also, in 2021, Kardham joined the OneAlliance network, which connects market players driven by the same passion, goals and values. This network, which spans 53 countries on 5 continents, enables players, each recognized in their own country, to connect with a trusted and quality partner ensuring that each other's customers have access to a global service. The network's knowledge and information sharing ensures that our customers' global, regional and local requirements are met to the standards expected in each country.

International support, with our teams
or in partnership, is the guarantee
of tailor-made solutions in close cooperation.“

Ursula Raidt, Head of International development

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Ursula Raidt

Ursula Raidt

Head of International development

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