Green Mine at Khouribga, Morocco

Transformation of 300 hectares of old mining facilities


The rehabilitation of industrial sites is allowing the development of new activities. 

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In Khouribga, not less than 300 hectares of old mining facilities will give rise to a vast residential and tourist complex, designed and built according to standards in which environment has an essential place. With this Green Mine project, as with the Mohammed VI Green City, OCP embarks upon an ambitious project where a commitment to the environment and to the improvement of the urban and architectural quality of the urban areas dictate the rules. The Green Mine of Khouribga will offer tourist attractions, a residential district of 1,600 apartments, 128 villas, 4 holiday villages and three hotels.


3D view of the complex and its dwellings




Technical informations


Location Khouribga (Maroc)
Contracting authority Office Chérifien Des Phosphates 
Partners Sâd BenkiraneJohanson (Environment), BDSP, MB Paysage 
Mission Development Master Plan
Surface 350 Ha
Delivery 2008