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Climate change, growing urbanization, ever-increasing stress on resources, social change: these are the challenges facing our industry, and they guide our efforts to implement innovative, efficient solutions in the act of designing, building, operating and living in buildings.


Kardham devotes just over 2% of its gross margin to innovation and R&D, focusing on 3 main areas :

- Sustainable development and the environmental performance of our projects

- New ways of working / Workplace

- Smart building and digitalization of workspaces


We rely on collective intelligence, mobilizing our in-house expertise and our partners to acculturate, invent new spaces and explore new value-creating uses in a unique way for each project:

- Our integrated business organization and our various areas of expertise

- A rich external ecosystem with which to co-innovate: public and private research organizations, start-up gas pedals; active monitoring through think-thanks and dedicated trade shows...


Our areas of innovation





Sustainable development & environmental performance

We design projects integrating low-carbon, mixed and bio-sourced construction systems and materials, or adopting a bioclimatic approach.


With our expertise in parametric architecture, bioclimatic optimization, thermal simulation, Workplace and Digital, we develop an architectural system for passive buildings, enabling comfortable indoor temperatures to be achieved without air conditioning or heating for new buildings or renovations.

For example, our Architecture and Space Design divisions designed the building for the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) with bioclimatic architecture: simple volumes, thermal efficiency, North-South orientation, effective and adapted solar protection…

To anticipate future energy risks and control costs, we offer solutions for diversifying energy resources, to advise, design and build buildings that produce renewable energy, integrating solutions such as photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, recovery of industrial waste energy, or integration of heat pumps.
For example, our architects and engineers designed the Belvédère, a positive-energy, low-consumption building.

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New ways of working

Rethinking work to better rethink spaces and understand the relationship between people and their work environment.


Evolving working practices are overturning the traditional codes of the office environment. The challenge is to find the perfect balance between space optimization, organizational performance and employee commitment.

Our R&D team, made up of researchers from a variety of disciplines, leads our Prospektive section and conducts studies that enable us to diagnose existing conditions and project concrete scenarios.
These studies are based on qualitative and quantitative scientific methods.

We have a number of theses that question the market and practices, for example:
- How are major companies thinking about their location strategy in a context of post-health crisis telecommuting development?
- How can the data generated in an office building be used to optimize the building and its uses?
- How can the new uses and needs of student populations be translated spatially?

These forward-looking reflections are also organized around the Club Kardham, which is renewed every year and involves Group experts, partners and customers in imagining tomorrow's working environments.

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Smart Building & Digitalization of workspaces

Intelligent control of equipment to bring comfort and control to buildings.


By connecting and securing its equipment, and making the most of the data collected, Kardham Digital makes commercial buildings intelligent: they gain greater control over their impact and become more efficient.
We implement a BOS (Building Operating System), the building's nerve system, responsible for collecting, processing and redistributing all usage and building data. It is the key component in the digital architecture of buildings, guaranteeing a high level of performance and providing a wide range of services to occupants: room reservations, parking, occupant services, etc.

Intelligent buildings enable companies to reduce operating costs and optimize energy resources, while offering their teams the best possible working conditions, through Smart Workplace solutions.


The mission of Kardham Digital's R&D department is to identify, qualify and implement procedures for deploying the connected objects organizations need.

These objects feed the smart building technologies developed by Kardham Digital, and in particular the software platforms that control the building's active equipment (access, ventilation, lighting, water supply, air quality) in coherence with data from digital applications supplied to occupants (room reservations, parking, occupant services).



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