What desirable work environment for tomorrow?

December 2022

At Kardham, we are convinced that we are all actors of our future and that we have a collective responsibility to contribute to its realization.

Five recognized real estate players met regularly for a year to define together a desirable future, which is sometimes utopian. Their reflections were fed by twelve Kardham expertises: corporate strategy, sustainable development, future of work, workplace & change management, design, digital solutions, architecture, investor consulting, smart building, user consulting, international development and R&D.

“Many producers of space have used utopia to propose their ideas and then implement them. With this work, we wish to follow in their footsteps.“

Marc Bertier, Workplace Expert - Kardham

The purpose of this white paper is to share the reflections that have taken place and to generate as many.

We wish you a good reading and great ideas to create your desirable future.

And if you want to be part of the Kardham Club season 2, contact Marc Bertier !

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To consult the white paper, it is here.
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