Consulting -
Design & Build

Crédit du Maroc - Casablanca

Regrouping of teams and development of the new "Arènes" headquarters

Consulting -
Design & Build

Our Casablanca teams supported Crédit du Maroc, a subsidiary of the Holmarcom group, to design and build its new head office on the historic Arènes site, a new single site which brings together the majority of the bank's departments under one roof, previously distributed on several buildings.

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The grouping of different sites has led to a profound change in managerial and organizational methods, with the implementation of flex office, the implementation of teleworking, and the promotion of collaboration and flexibility with digital tools.

The building benefits from WELL Building Standard certification which promotes harmony between well-being and interior spaces.

“The design is based on the history of the Casablanca Arena - a historic meeting place for bullfighting and performing arts enthusiasts, and biophilic design, a choice chosen by the collaborators during the various co-design workshops.“

Clémence Bacquet, Director Design & Build - Kardham Morocco


The design of the ground floor: fusion of the historical past of the site and the imagination of the collaborators


Some key figures :

  • 850 employees from 5 entities (head office and 4 subsidiaries)
  • 13,000 m², 8 levels
  • 29 phone boxes, 49 bubbles, 17 meeting rooms, 6 project rooms
  • 244 informal meeting positions, divided into high tables, cocoons, alcoves or agile spaces


Our teams supported our client as part of a Project Management Assistance mission:

  • Strategic framing
  • Collection needs
  • Studies of working methods and occupation of existing spaces
  • Design: macro and micro-zoning, layout charter, decoration charter, APD (work spaces, reception spaces, collaborative spaces)
  • Furniture: choice of typologies, tender management, installation monitoring
  • Architectural compliance monitoring within the framework of construction by a general contractor
  • Transfer engineering
  • Change management and project communication as part of a change in management and working methods: action plan, co-design and appropriation workshops

The project in pictures

 Organic shapes and colors welcome visitors


 The work floors: giving each type of space a colorimetric reading 



A neutral background for workspaces and informal spaces highlighted by mood colors used occasionally




 The different types of meeting rooms are treated in single color with variation of tones







 One of the many agile spaces




Floor lounge spaces: highlighting Moroccan heritage

The upstairs lounge is a central space where several collaborative flows intersect, with a personalized design to mark the floor, with the theme “Landscape and Moroccan craftsmanship”

On the 6th floor, Moroccan textiles and living rooms are in the spotlight



On the 3rd floor, atmosphere “in the heart of the oasis”



On the 2nd floor, Moroccan seaside and coastal towns spirit



The large terrace


Technical informations


Location Casablanca (Morocco)
Contracting authority Crédit du Maroc
Mission Assisting the Project Owner
Surface 13,000 sqm
Capacity 850 employees
Delivery 2023