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Major semiconductor player - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

New building for R&D teams

Consulting -
Design & Build

The site represents 4,200 employees in the heart of the Isère region (just a few minutes from Grenoble), whose main activity is production. Investments are generally focused on plants, and the tertiary sector is consequently aging. The new building, known soberly as Building A, is brand new and stands at the entrance to the site. Leon Grosse and the site's long-standing architect had the onerous task of constructing this building while integrating it into the Croll campus, and Kardham accompanied this major semiconductor player on the rest: space planning, interior design, project management, furniture consultation, change management...

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The objectives were to :

  • Be part of the overall dynamic of the site
  • Encourage new collaborative working methods & strengthen exchanges
  • Contribute to work efficiency while promoting employee well-being
  • Offer a variety of spaces to suit the different activities of R&D teams
  • Stay within budget and on schedule (or even go faster).

To achieve these objectives, all the Lyon agency's expertise was called upon. Building A came to life over the months between late 2022 and early 2023. The first occupants arrived in December 2023 and discovered :

  • A ground floor featuring a new reception area, a training area, a visitor area and a large conference room;
  • 4 floors dedicated to R&D activities, with a "ready to flex" principle and generous ratios of individual and collaborative workstations (over 650 workstations and almost 1 collaborative workstation per employee, not counting informal workstations).
  • A cafeteria on each floor and activity rooms (sports, games, relaxation and reading).

The project team, supported by a network of ambassadors, accompanied this change step by step: regular communication, active listening, co-construction workshops, newsletters, 3D, immersive view of the building, digital escape game, welcome booklet... all the elements were brought together to encourage the future occupants to buy in. And it worked, since according to the feedback survey completed last July, 90% of occupants are satisfied or very satisfied.

The scope of the assignment included assisting the customer in defining the project's ambitions, co-designing the workspaces with the users, and organizing appropriation workshops in order to provide them with the best possible support in this transformation project:

  • Project management assistance
  • Framing
  • Space planning / Design
  • Furniture
  • Co-design workshops
  • Change management support (board of directors, managers, ambassadors, IRP, employees)

“It's a real success on several counts: in the way the building was built for and by the teams, it's also a showcase for regional know-how and an example for all those who come to visit.“

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1st project with customer (open account)
Mission Project management assistance
Surface 10,000 sqm
Capacity 600 collaborators
Delivery 2023