Our approach


Designing fully inhabited places

From planning to launch, the quality of a Kardham building is measured by the satisfaction of all the employees involved. Because a development is also a relocation, our teams are ready to respond, in the smallest details, to the technical challenges, to offer you the best of design for comfort, well-being and performance. And of course to involve, reassure and onboard your employees so that the spaces designed are fully “inhabited”.



Generating lasting benefits for all users

So that your employees can blossom, individually and collectively, we work with you to invent inspiring, comfortable, stimulating and unifying spaces. And because today's buildings are above all mobile, their modularity is at the heart of our vision of value creation: a building developed by Kardham guarantees an address that generates lasting benefits for all its users.

Our areas of expertise

Technical studies

Early on in your project, in the design phases or during construction, proposing the most effective regulatory, safety and technical solutions to achieve your project.

Architectural design

Mastering the most innovative design concepts and understanding your needs and issues in order to deliver a project in line with your objectives and your organisation.

Studio Team

Being on the lookout for tomorrow's trends, in order to create and infuse new concepts and style throughout the projects, while respecting their identity and coherence. Objective: to imagine and create workspaces that reveal the DNA of the organisation while promoting the performance and well-being of the teams once they are in their new premises.

Furniture Division

Helping you define and implement a furniture concept and establish the standards that will enable you to have an environment that evolves according to your needs, to control management costs and to optimise the occupied areas.

Transfer engineering and commissioning

Helping you set up your teams in a new, fully operational working environment. From the planning stages to the complete management of operations and service provider management.


Our typical engagements


  • Technical and regulatory auditing
  • Space-planning (macro- and micro-zoning)
  • Architectural design and project studies
  • Decor concept
  • Furniture
  • Work scheduling
  • Conduct of the work


“We create spaces that transform the way users sublimate their potential.”

Your contacts

Contact - Jean-François Couëc

Jean-François Couëc

CEO & Managing Partner

+33 6 13 51 94 75


Contact - Elodie Guet

Elodie Guet

Head of Design & Build
Service sector, Hotels & Housing

+33 6 59 05 15 62


Contact - Gilles Mons

Gilles Mons

Head of Design & Build
Retail, Industry & Logistics

+33 6 07 25 80 01


Lucie Bodin

Lucie Bodin

Studio Director

+33 6 68 11 07 98


Alexandre Marty

Alexandre Marty

Furniture Business Unit Manager

+33 6 32 24 41 24