Our approach


Enriching the user experience and the marketability of assets

In order to support our clients in their digital transformation, Kardham Digital provides property owners and investors with expertise capable of improving the performance and marketability of their assets, on the one hand and, on the other hand, optimising and enriching the user experience in business premises through digital technology.
Because we conceive commercial property and its workspaces through a holistic approach, digital technologies become drivers of service and intelligence at the heart of the building.
Exploratory in uses and levers for improving the performance of operators, our digital solutions enrich the experience of all users in addition to the marketability of the assets.
Kardham Digital can guarantee the suitability, operationality and security of digital transformation solutions in the complexity of building projects.



A technological innovation only makes sense if it is useful

Working on smart building, smart office and digital workplace issues means offering a range of services in the design, implementation and operation of digital solutions, but above all it means implementing continuous innovation at the heart of your property.
How does it work? Our approach is to integrate the multiple architectural, technical, regulatory, ergonomic and human dimensions, so that the project is a success. And because we are not all equal when it comes to digitalisation, whatever your digital ambition, we will always tell you that a technological innovation only makes sense if it is useful.
Never before has a Digital Services Company contributed so much to the advancement of uses in commercial property projects designed to attract talent and optimise profits.



The first integrated offer on the smart building market

With the simplification of the user pathway, energy management and cyber-security management of the building, the Group ensures the qualification, engineering, production and operation of a complete solution, combining smart office, smart building and managed cyber-security services technologies.

“We create services that transform the way buildings create collective intelligence and lasting benefits.” 

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Roman Coste

Roman Coste

Managing Partner

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Pascal Zératès

Pascal Zératès

Kardham Digital Managing Director

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