Our approach


Turning learning places into spaces where innovation happens

To keep pace with the changes in teaching practices undertaken by the world of school and higher education, we design buildings that fully accommodate changes in usage. Our buildings guarantee flexibility and versatility of spaces, hybridisation and digitalisation of functions, performance and exemplary operating solutions, rooting and influence in its ecosystem. 

By involving the education community from the planning stage onwards in order to make its expectations and requirements central to the project’s design and economics, we design innovative solutions, particularly digital solutions, which will enrich their daily lives and those of their users.

Our teams of experts share the conviction that building, renovating and developing educational spaces also means passing on knowledge and best practices. In order to guarantee sustainable efficiency for your buildings, we leverage multiple technical, legal and financial skills and offer, for each new educational project, the opportunity to benefit from the best of our feedback. Because for Kardham, school is all about making people want to learn.

Typical engagements:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Consultation and co-creation
  • User pathway studies
  • Design of digital solutions
  • Workplace consulting and spatial strategies
  • Change management
  • Planning and Project Management Support (Assistance à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage - AMO)
  • Architectural and technical design
  • Interior design
  • Sourcing of equipment and furniture
  • Project management
  • Execution of works and conversions on occupied sites


Your contacts

Ursula Raidt

Ursula Raidt

Head of International development

+33 6 76 15 11 87


Contact - Emilie Bryant

Emilie Bryant

Development Director
Architecture & Engineering

+33 6 66 67 73 88