The Team

Our teams have a recognised expertise and a deep understanding of the different aspects to a real estate project.

Kardham brings together nearly 400 employees, with diversified profiles (consultants, architects, engineers, designers, sociologists…) who can intervene nationally and internationally.

roman coste The Team
Roman Coste, Managing director, is responsible for the development of the Kardham business with investors and property owners. He implements the policy of commercial development of the group in a transverse way for all the Kardham businesses. Roman, previously President of CBRE WorkSpace and Managing director of CBRE Agency France, has 25 years’ experience in real estate sector.

Roman Coste

Managing Partner

FREDERIC MIQUEL e1478529783900 600x600 The Team
Frédéric Miquel, a graduate from EMLYON, CESA-HEC and Desup Sorbonne in business real estate, started his career in strategy consultancy, before occupying various general management positions with a world leader in office spaces development. In 2007, he joined Kardham as an Associate Director. He is specifically developing consultancy trades for users and approaches aimed at turning workspaces into instruments of transforming organisations.

Frédéric Miquel

Managing Partner equipe alexis m v2 600x600 The Team

Alexis Motte

Managing Partner equipe mg 4320 600x600 The Team

Sophie Pène

Head of Workplace Consulting department

FREDERIC MAILLET e1478528909133 600x600 The Team
Frederic Maillet, UTC engineer, oversees the development of CAS (Contracting Authority Support) activities. He joined Kardham in 2013. With a significant experience in programming and works management commissions, Frédéric successfully manages many large-scale commissions for key accounts like EDF.

Frédéric Maillet

Director of the Consultancy Division

URSULA RAIDT e1478529041425 600x600 The Team
Ursula Raidt, architectural engineer, is dedicated to developing Kardham Consulting. She has a proven track record in architecture, space development, architectural scheduling, and in real estate and support functions reorganisation and optimisation consulting. She joined Kardham in 2007.

Ursula Raidt

Head of International development equipe alexis trochu 1 600x600 The Team

Alexis Trochu

Head of Occupier Solutions the team marcstravopodis 600x600 The Team

Marc Stravopodis

Head of Kardham Investor Consulting equipe jose cuba segura 1 The Team

José Cuba Segura

Head of BIM & Smart building department equipe nicolas vignau loustau 1b 600x600 The Team
A graduate of the Institut Supérieur de l'Immobilier de Toulouse, Nicolas' mission is to support companies in all of their operational real estate-related challenges: audit of property needs, definition of real estate strategies and road maps, portfolio assessment, advice and assistance in transactions, etc.

Nicolas Vignau-Loustau

Director Kardham Occupier Solutions

David HABRIAS e1478528751315 600x600 The Team
David Habrias, Kardham Managing Director and Managing Partner of the Architectural Division. After several years within an international group specialised in management and new technologies consulting, David joined Kardham in 2002. He developed the management of major operations with tertiary and industrial customers and became Managing Director of the group.

David Habrias

Kardham Managing Director & Kardham Architecture Managing Partner

PIERRE JEAN ARTINS e1477315792576 600x600 The Team
Pierre-Jean Artins was made responsible for the Design Division in 2015. He develops the agency’s methodology and processes in design phase, to renew and maintain the agency’s identity.

Pierre-Jean Artins

Architect - Design Division

CHRISTIAN BERNIAC e1478529102541 600x600 The Team
Christian Berniac, a structural engineer, joined the agency in 2015 to develop the integrated engineering activity, in synergy with architects in a common approach and a pooling of knowledge. He manages the interfaces with the various external technical partners.

Christian Berniac

Engineer - Engineering Department

FRANCIS CARDETE e1477315909692 600x600 The Team

Francis Cardete

CARDETE HUET ARCHITECTES cofounder equipe chantal aira crouan The Team
Chantal Aira-Crouan, architect, manages the Architecture division in Paris. She also contributes within the Group in the global skills integration to enrich and renew the strength of our proposals. Before joining Kardham in 2017, she collaborated for a long time beside Christian de Portzamparc in the design and the construction of important offices and headquarters buildings.

Chantal Aira-Crouan

Architect - Paris Agency

ROMUALD DOBRZYNSKI e1477316089438 600x600 The Team
Romuald Dobrzynski has a particular expertise in complex projects management, in traditional works supervision as well as in design/realisation, in partnership with world-class groups. His responsibilities are extended to the development of the Health - Justice - Offshore Divisions.

Romuald Dobrzynski

Architect - Health - Justice - Offshore Divisions

MAGALI DONZE e1477316161776 600x600 The Team
Magali Donze oversees several tertiary and industrial projects, on both micro and macro scale (A350 on-site final assembly, with the contracting authority; recently, the blade manufacturing plant for Eurocopter, 1st global helicopter manufacturer. Her responsibilities were extended to the development of the Industrial Division - Tertiary Sector.

Magali Donze

Architect - Industrial Division - Tertiary sector

ELISABETH FERRANT e1478529521171 600x600 The Team

Elisabeth Ferrant

Architect - Energy Division

Franco GUZZINI e1478529350167 600x600 The Team
Franco Guzzini, DPLG architect graduated in 1990, has the role to conduct and to operationally oversee works supervision missions in an industrial and laboratory environment. Founder and technical manager of an architectural firm, he joined Kardham in 1996.

Franco Guzzini

Architect - Industrial Division - Laboratories

GERARD HUET e1478528859560 600x600 The Team

Gérard Huet


SYLVIE MONTAGNIER e1477316293149 600x600 The Team
Sylvie Montagnier, architect by profession, ensures the implementation of the quality management system for the purposes of ISO 9001 certification. Ultimately, she ensures compliance with best practice both for the agency’s projects and for client satisfaction.

Sylvie Montagnier

Quality Division

MANSOUR OSTAD e1478528987820 600x600 The Team
Mansour Ostad took part in new fields of investigation of the agency in the world of retail (European Shopping Centres Awards 2011 / Leclerc shopping centre, Blagnac) and in winning the new scale stadiums for EUFA Euro 2016. His responsibilities are extended to the development of the Trades - Airport - Sport Divisions.

Mansour Ostad

Architect - Trades - Airport - Sport Divisions

Blaise Périsson has headed the Marseille agency since it was set up in 2005. The agency collaborates with international groups in the fields of aeronautics, retail and tertiary sector, mainly.

Blaise Périsson

Architect - Marseille Agency

JEAN PIERRE SENGES e1477316393995 600x600 The Team
Jean-Pierre Sengès worked in the hotel, culture, tertiary and health industries. He took part, on site, in the creation of the University Cancer Institute, a highly complex project that is unique in Europe. He has a vast experience of working in partnership with international architects, from competition to acceptance of works. Since 2015, he has overseen the development of the Residential Division.

Jean-Pierre Sengès

Architect - Residential Division

JEAN FRANCOIS COUEC e1478529656613 600x600 The Team
Jean François Couëc, a national business school graduate and holder of an American MBA, began his career in 1993 in a financial audit and operational consulting firm. He joined 4 years later a listed diversified group as management control director, and purchase mission head for the group. He joined Kardham in 1999 as an Associate, became Managing Director in 2009, then Managing Partner in 2013.

Jean-François Couëc

Kardham Managing Partner

OLIVIER FEVE e1478529599102 The Team
Olivier Fève, Engineer in Telecommunications and Networks, and graduated in Real Estate Programme Management, has the role of developing Kardham Design & Build and of coordinating the key accounts activities. In charge of the Eastern region of France business unit within a group dedicated to consulting and engineering, he joined Kardham in 2011, as Director of Eastern region of France activities.

Olivier Fève

Group Commercial Director equipe e1c9758 600x600 The Team

Nathalie Zuccarelli

Sales Manager - Office division

Benoit GRAISELY 600x600 The Team
Benoit Graisely, an EDHEC Business School graduate, has the role to develop Kardham Design and build in the Greater Paris area. With more than 10 years of experience in business real estate, as real estate consultant then sales manager in the development and construction sectors, he joined Kardham in 2016.

Benoit Graisely

Sales Manager - Industry, Logistics, Retail & Hospitality divisions equipe mg 4453 600x600 The Team

Philippe Pottier

Sales Manager - Investors & Developers division

GILLES MONS e1478529722812 600x600 The Team
Gilles Mons, ESTP Engineer and technical and regulatory expert, has the role to develop and operationally oversee Kardham projects in the Greater Paris area. Former Bureau Veritas manager, he joined Kardham in 2007.

Gilles Mons

Greater Paris area Manager equipe elodie guet 600x600 The Team

Elodie Guet

Greater Paris area Manager

Christophe ANTIN CLR Portrait 2 e1477170931339 600x600 The Team
Christophe Antin, holder of a post-graduate degree in business administration and graduated from INSA Lyon in structural and town-planning engineering, oversees the development and of the operational supervision of XXX projects in the Centre-East area. Previously Project Manager within an international consulting group, he joined Kardham in 2014.

Christophe Antin

Centre-East area Manager

marie laure clipffel 1 600x600 The Team
Marie-Laure Clipffel, Engineer, has the role to develop and to operationally oversee Kardham projects in South east region of France. After a solid experience as Engineer for companies specilalized in project management, she joined Kardham in 2017.

Marie-Laure Clipffel

South-East area Manager

Guillaume DEMEESTERE e1478528677349 600x600 The Team
Guillaume Demeestere, Architect, has the role to develop and to operationally oversee Kardham projects in northern France. Project manager on behalf of a specialist of tertiary development, then within a European shopping centre specialist, he joined Kardham in 2014.

Guillaume Demeestere

Northern area Manager

Pascale Miqueu retouche 600x600 The Team
Pascal Miqueu, graduated in management, international business and corporate real estate, has the role to develop and operationally oversee Kardham projects in the French South-West area. After a solid experience as development manager for companies specialised in construction and engineering , she joined Kardham in 2017.

Pascale Miqueu

South-West area Manager

Pierre Alexandre RENAUDOT e1478529855989 600x600 The Team
Pierre-Alexandre Renaudot, trained technically as well as in project management, has the role to develop and operationally oversee Kardham projects in the French Western area. He joined Kardham in 2003 as a project manager in Strasbourg. In 2009, he set up the Nantes agency, and was appointed Western area manager.

Pierre-Alexandre Renaudot

Western area Manager equipe ke1c8718 600x600 The Team

Gladys Griffault

East area Manager


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