Designing the buildings of tomorrow around innovative uses and new interactions means using academic research as a high value-added backbone to your building projects. We are committed to conducting research projects that enable us to acquire fundamental knowledge, develop scientifically validated methods and improve the skills of our employees. Being an explorer also means disseminating the most advanced know-how in the search for solutions for our clients.

Our areas of research

Our R&D unit is dedicated to understanding the issues that will make the world of tomorrow: what will tomorrow's workspaces be like? How will we build more efficient and sustainable buildings? What will be the impact of digital technologies on the real estate industry?
We are currently working on 3 main fields of study:

  • Thinking about the building of tomorrow, new materials and construction processes to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Understanding and anticipating the relationship between human beings and their working environment, using predictive models from social psychology
  • Rethinking work to better rethink spaces through the implementation of organisational ergonomics concepts.


Fruitful partnerships

Kardham is a founding sponsor with Nexity of the first Workplace Management Chair created in 2018 by ESSEC. Our R&D team is also a partner of the French Workspaces Laboratory (Laboratoire Espaces de Travail - LET) and the French National Association for Technological Research (Association Nationale de la Recherche Technologique - ANRT). In this way, we encourage interdisciplinary dialogue that enriches the understanding, analysis and management of complex projects for the benefit of users and project owners.


Your contacts

Nicolas Cochard

Nicolas Cochard

Director of Research & Development

+33 6 42 92 53 34