Consulting -
Design & Build


New French headquarters fit-out

Consulting -
Design & Build

Fit-out intended to get the Adidas Spirit flowing through the space around notions of modernity, friendliness, and comfort.

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Assisting the Project Owner

  • Design
  • Co-creation workshop
  • Interior design
  • Furniture


Adidas - Immeuble

The building's facade with its #hellostras hashtag

Adidas - Accueil

The reception

Adidas - Salle de réunion

The brand identity

Adidas - Chaussure

The products are displayed to enhance the brand's spirit

Adidas - Couloir

Big signages galvanize spaces

Adidas - Alcôve

There is one alcove on every floor...

Adidas - Alcôve

... to work differently...

Adidas - Alcôve

...up to 6 people

Adidas - Cafétéria

The lunch room, with its ping pong table

Adidas - Cafétéria

And its huge table


Technical informations


Location Strasbourg (France)
Project Owner Adidas
Mission Assistance to the Project Owner
Surface 6,000 sqm, 225 employees
Completion 2018