HUB, AIRBUS assembly lines logistic platform

In response to the new A350 and A320 Néo programmes, and to the A330 and A380 production speeds.

This program provides a solution to the logistics supply needs of all the assembly lines of factories, improves the organization and storage methods, takes into account the possibilities of extensions, optimizes the use of the site by considering the specifics Airbus products.

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The design is based on a simple and rational architecture.These principles are transcribed in a functional and flexible organization, with particular attention to the comfort of the users (natural lighting).

The facades express the same desire for rationality with a simple geometry which allows great readability of uses; each functional entity is clearly identifiable, and its expression is also found in the materials used for the project, materials suitable for industrial buildings, durable, profitable and easy to maintain and install.




The huge halls allow perfect maintenance to the work teams




The glass walls offer an unobstructed view to the occupants...


... while traffic axes are flooded with daylight

Technical informations


Location Toulouse (31)
Contracting authority Airbus 
Partners Pitch Promotion, Technisphère, Burotec, Betrec, Alteos, SD Environnement 
Mission Full
Amount 20 M€
Surface 40,000 sqm
Delivery 2014