Public school properties of the City of Montauban

Realization and implementation of a Performance Master Plan for the Public school properties of the City of Montauban

Kardham has drawn up a performance master plan for the entire public school properties of the City of Montauban (38 school groups).

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The city of Montauban has undertaken for almost 20 years the renovation of its educational heritage in order to offer the best reception conditions for children and professionals. It is with this approach that it wishes today to carry out and then implement a performance master plan.
The study entrusted by the city to a double objective, namely, to set up a prospective strategy on the school offer and also to implement the policy of energy sobriety carried by the city for several years.
As a continuation of this approach, the city is also awaiting a comparative analysis of the various solutions for the legal support of the implementation of the multi-year investment program in order to optimize the financing plan for this major operation.


  • Strategic framework
  • Technical and functional audits of existing assets
  • Collection needs
  • Elaboration of the theoretical reference frame including sustainable development
  • Multi-year investment program
  • Detailed technical and environmental functional programming

Technical informations


Project owner City of Montauban
Scope 38 schools
Mission Performance Master Plan
Delivery 2020