Consulting -
Design & Build

Swisslife Asset Managers - Marseille

Fit-out of spaces in the La Marseillaise tower

Consulting -
Design & Build

Lease on the 26th floor of the emblematic Jean Nouvel tower as part of a BEFA, in order to install the rapidly growing teams of Swisslife Asset Managers France.

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A method of distribution and operation of teams completely revised in this high-rise building (High Building) environment.

Our teams worked around 2 main missions:

Assistance for project management
General contractor for part of the work

  • Space planning
  • Decoration charter
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Furniture
  • Transfer engineering

L'espace d'accueil




L'espace lounge


Les circulations mettent l'histoire de Marseille à l'honneur

Les espaces de travail, lumineux et ouverts

La cité phocéenne, visible depuis chaque espace... fil rouge jusque dans les vitrophanies







Technical informations


Project owner Swisslife Asset Managers France
Location  Marseille
Mission AMO, CG
Area 1 400 m²
Number of desks 65
Year 2019