Our approach


Freeing up engineering to make spaces suitable for multiple uses

Our teams put their huge variety of expertise and their inventiveness, driven by a demanding R&D approach, to work on integrated and innovative building design. Our approach combines the conceptual approach of architects and space planners with the creative spirit and technological proficiency of our engineers.

For you, this means a guaranteed holistic response to the growing complexity of projects and the multiplicity of contemporary challenges. In this way, we continuously provide regulatory, technical, energy and environmental efficiency, in order to build audacious and functional projects, based on values in use, constructive rigour and project economics.



Interoperable and collaborative engineering

This integrated approach is structured around BIM (Building Information Modelling), an innovative methodology for managing building projects aimed at promoting collaborative work and information flow management.

Associated with modern design tools, whose interoperability we are developing, BIM delivers the utmost in an integrated work logic that only architects, engineers and project management professionals can develop.

Our areas of expertise

Technical studies and project management

We are proficient in all technical fields related to design and construction. As project manager, we ensure the operational management of the works in terms of costs, deadlines and technical choices.

Energy and environmental performance

We offer you frugal, economical and efficient technical solutions - such as improving the energy and environmental performance of the building, developing renewable energies, using materials with high inertia and low carbon content - in order to limit the carbon footprint of your project.


By ensuring that your building functions as you originally intended, in compliance with comfort and energy efficiency requirements, commissioning allows you to optimise operating costs and increase the value of your property portfolio. Its implementation is part of an intensive quality assurance process from design to commissioning and operation.


Our typical engagements


  • Structural assessment and studies
  • Special foundations: Piles / Walls / Micropiles
  • Assessment and studies of technical installations (High power / Low power / Networks)
  • Thermal and energy assessment and studies, Carbon Footprint / LCA
  • Energy and renewable energies feasibility study
  • Dynamic Thermal Simulation
  • Environmental Quality of Buildings, certification, labelling
  • Construction Economics All Trades, full cost analysis
  • Fire protection (CNPP qualification)
  • Commissioning (CBCP training)
  • Building operation, comfort and energy monitoring
  • Assistance with operating contracts
  • BIM Management
  • Roads and utility services studies

« We create methods that transform the way professionals develop and execute their projects. »

Your contacts

Contact - Frédéric Miquel

Frédéric Miquel

Managing Partner

+33 6 32 90 87 58


Sylvie Simon Elia

Sylvie Simon Elia

Director of the Engineering Division

+33 6 07 72 44 16


Contact - Eléonore Pasquet

Eléonore Pasquet

Technical Engineering Manager, Paris

+33 6 60 18 23 91