2nd meeting of the Architecture and Urbanism cycle

April 2021

Created by Business Immo in 2017, the in interiors magazine enriches its ecosystem with a dedicated conference cycle. Imagined in partnership with Kardham, this cycle "Architecture and town planning" offers a course of three themes around the changing city (s).

Echoing the 1st theme on the plural city, Kardham is taking the path of the shared city for this 2nd conference. Duality between intimate and collective, urban and peri-urban, inside and outside: how does architecture adapt to this dialectic and reconcile a priori contrary or even contradictory imperatives? What is the role of the architect in the necessary cohesion and harmony of the city?

The second conference will take place on Thursday April 15, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.
The last conference is scheduled for June 2021 and will address the theme of “The resilient city, planning and management”.

Conférence Kardham x In Interiors

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