District buldings, bringing the city into the office

December 2023

At a time when teleworking is becoming more widespread and offices are less frequented, how can we rethink our workspaces to better meet the expectations of a digital and sustainable society? How can we integrate urban density into our workplaces to create lively, inspiring environments?

It could well be that the near-billion square meters used as "tertiary workplaces" are on the verge of a renaissance. First of all, there's the growing disaffection with this link at the heart of increasingly marked divergences between employees, managers and organizations. At the same time, everyday events demonstrate the need for action to make our living environments resilient in the face of climate change, and to anchor them in more sustainable approaches. If work has invited itself into all living spaces, why shouldn't it invite itself into offices?

This idea is intended to be a new model for thinking about workplaces that respond to the crucial questions of our time: how can we build strategies for optimizing tomorrow's floor space? What will be the real estate proof of companies' ESG strategies? What will be the places where people live and work together? Or what will be the places of refuge in the face of extreme temperatures?

This white paper is the culmination of several months' work by some twenty stakeholders. It reviews the origins and findings behind the idea of the immeuble-quartier, then describes the conditions for its implementation as a desirable and achievable utopia.

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