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September 2021

Publication of « A Handbook of Management Theories and Models for Office Environments and Services »

Paris, September 13, 2021 - The Kardham Group is pleased to introduce "A Handbook of Management Theories and Models for Office Environments and Services" by Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, researcher at Eindhoven University, and Vitalija Danivska. This is the second volume in a collective project that began in 2019 and aims to take stock of existing research on office environments. In this book, 35 international researchers highlight the theories and models that provide a better understanding of the management of work environments in both the design and operational phases.

Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, associate professor of corporate real estate and workspaces at the Department of the Built Environment of the Technical University of Eindhoven and Vitalija Danivska, researcher at Aalto University, are now presenting the second volume of their project bringing together the world's best researchers in the field of work environments.

Based on a multidisciplinary approach dear to the authors, the 270 pages of 18 theories provide a better understanding not only of the organizational challenges of work environments, but also of the levers that can facilitate their design and management, with the notion of user service as a common thread.

Thus, while the first publication mainly focused on the factors that enable the user to find a match with his environment, this second publication further develops the management phase of the space once it has been designed, highlighting the significance of considering the space as a living and evolving object. We realize that once the space has been designed, its management is necessary in order to respond in real time to the strategic needs of organizations.

How do we give value to the space once it is produced? How do we build a brand image through space? How do you create a user-centered approach based on services? How do you initiate a process of continuous improvement of the work environment? How does the work environment serve the strategic evolution of companies?

All these questions and many more are addressed in this handbook, which combines theory and practical applications for both researchers and professionals in the field.

Being convinced by the value of academic works in the knowledge increase of companies, Kardham has supported once again this great collective work so that it is available to all as a free download. At a time of deep questioning about the future of work environments, this second book offers answers to the increasing complexity we must apprehend.

The Kardham Group is committed to promoting research and knowledge sharing around work environments and spaces. In addition to its internal productions and in particular those of its R&D department, the Group provides significant support to independent academic research (researcher's books, ESSEC Workplace Management Chair, etc.), certain that the increase in an ecosystem's knowledge, even if it challenges our certainties, is for the benefit of all.

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A Handbook of Management Theories and Models for Office Environments and Services.
Written by Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Vitalija Danivska. Edited by Taylor and Francis. Ebook & free download. 270 pages. H246mm x B174mm 

Download the book here.

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