Kardham accelerates its development in Europe and creates Kardham Germany

January 2022

We announce the creation of the Kardham Germany holding company with, as its first transaction, the acquisition of P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH, a consulting and support company for the development of professional workspaces. With this arrival in one of the most dynamic European markets, Kardham accelerate its European expansion strategy, which began in 2019.

This external growth operation will create synergies between the two French and German entities with the ambition of making Kardham Germany a leading national player.

The first acquisition of Kardham Germany is P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH, an independent operator of professional real estate located north of Frankfurt. The company, with around 20 employees, offers consulting services for the planning, design and implementation of modern working environments as well as change management.

Thanks to this operation, P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH will complete its range of services by offering competences in architecture, digital or design & build, an activity that the Kardham Group wishes to develop on the German market. In addition to expanding its range of services, P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH will also be able to rely on the strength of a network of more than 400 employees and will thus be able to respond to larger-scale projects.

For its part, P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH brings to Kardham a proximity and a perfect knowledge of the German market, of the local culture and regulations. These are important assets to support the international development of Kardham's clients, especially in a market considered as complex because of its high degree of fragmentation.


"Joining the Kardham Group is a fabulous boost for our business. It will help us to structure ourselves, to develop and to position ourselves on diversified markets with high added value and high stakes. It is therefore a lever of attractiveness for our customers but also for our employees who now have the possibility to access new skills and expertise and to evolve in a dynamic group, present on an international scale", comments Thomas Pfeiffer, Managing Partner of P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH.

"We are delighted to welcome P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH into the Kardham community. This arrival bodes well for the future synergies between our two companies. The German market is very promising with many Mittelstand companies and more and more international companies moving in. Moreover, because it is heterogeneous, accessing this market is a real challenge. P.O.T. Beratungsteam GmbH will help us to take up this challenge and to develop our competences more widely across the Rhine", continues Ursula Raidt, Strategic Development & International Director of the Kardham Group.

"The creation of Kardham Germany is part of a strong strategic carried out for many years both to diversify geographically and to accelerate our influence in Europe. As a global partner for real estate projects, we are increasingly solicited by our clients wishing to expand outside our borders. In the German market, we want to build up a Kardham Germany through internal and external growth, which we hope will soon be considered a leading national player, and we now have an additional card in our hand to serve the ambitious projects of our current and future clients. As far as the European market is concerned, we are continuing our efforts to build a network by seeking partnerships that create value for the Kardham Group, its shareholders, customers and stakeholders," concludes Jean-François Couëc, Chairman of the Kardham Group.

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