The Kardham group inaugurates its new offices in Rennes!

October 2021

On September 30, we inaugurated our new offices in Rennes. These must support the strong development of Kardham's activity in the most attractive city in France*.

Economic dynamism, environment, accessibility, quality of life, etc. the Rennes area has many assets to attract companies wishing to set up there. Since 2017, the infrastructure made available to them, including a 1 hour and 25 minute connection to Paris, has been a valuable time-saver in strengthening the economic attractiveness of Brittany, encouraging some major groups to relocate their headquarters to Rennes. This trend has been reinforced since the Covid-19 crisis and the rethinking of working habits, which has led many organizations to develop in regional areas and their employees to move there.

As of 2018, this dynamism had led the Kardham Group to deploy numerous constructions, rehabilitations, development and redevelopment projects, mainly tertiary, in and around the Rennes area. These new offices in Rennes will allow the teams to work closer to the projects in Rennes and their clients. They also strengthen the Group's presence in the Grand Ouest region, as Kardham has also been present in Nantes since 2008.

"We have many requests from companies setting up their headquarters in and around Rennes, and/or asking us to adapt their work environments in a context where remote work is becoming more widespread. These new offices allow us to strengthen our presence and visibility locally to better respond to these new demands, just as they bring us closer to our historical clients for whom we can offer tailored support for their future developments," said Klothilde Sauvet, Head of the Western Region of the Kardham Group.

"The Kardham Group is firmly rooted in the regions, with offices in Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Marseille. In the Grand Ouest region, Kardham was first established in Nantes, then, by way of expansion, in Rennes. Having our own offices in Rennes is a logical continuation of our strategy to have a better territorial coverage in the Grand Ouest region: from our Nantes office to serve projects in the South of the region, and from the Rennes office to the North", explains Olivier Fève, Director of the Regions of the Kardham Group.

"The lease of new offices in Rennes is a way for us to continue to expand our field of action in the Brittany region. It also confirms the gamble we took in setting up in Rennes, a city which, thanks to its proximity to Paris and its living environment, has now become a must. This new presence is an opportunity to meet the challenges of the recovery in a city that is attractive to large companies wishing to develop and which are a strategic target for us," concludes Jean-François Couëc, President of the Kardham Group.


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