Agen Hospital Center


Expression of a strong ambition of the establishment to combine the improvement of the care offer and the control of the operating expenses, this project is developed on 2 buildings in new extension - an interventional plateau and a resuscitation service, completed of a restructuring.

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The transfer of part of the activities in the two new buildings will allow both to reorganize the activities of full hospitalization, the day hospital, outpatient consultations and the quality of reception of patients, through the increase in the number of single bed rooms.

  • 9 operating theaters
  • 6 birth rooms in Obstetric blocks
  • Ambulatory
  • 29 Hemodialysis positions
  • Consultations​
  • 12 mother-child rooms, 3 Neonatalogy boxes
  • Guard area, Anesthesiologists
  • Sterilization​
  • 25 Resuscitation and Continuing Care beds
  • Energy building: substation, cold groups

Streamline operations, improve patient comfort and reception...


... favor the compactness of buildings to favor the grouping of services






The objective was to become a multidisciplinary reference center


A gently sloping forecourt


The goal is to give more space to each service


Technical informations


Location Agen (47)
Contracting authority Agen Hospital Center
Partners  Atelier Sauvagé, Ducasse Harter, Setec-Sérige, D. Sist (OPC, Economist), CEGC (synthesis)
Mission Full + OPC
Surface 10,000 sqm (8,000 sqm of new contruction and 2,000 sqm of rehabilitation)
Amount 22,6 M€ 

2019 : New building

2020 : Restructuration and extension

BIM Methodology Works on occupied site