Design & Build

Farlabo - Madrid

Farlabo transforms its Workspace

Design & Build

Comercial Farlabo, the leading distributor in the prestige cosmetics sector, partnered with Kardham Gabiteco and his design-build team to carry out an ambitious transformation project in its offices. These new facilities, located in the district of Hortaleza, Madrid, cover 1,425 square meters and were developed during the months of January to May 2023.

The main challenge of this project was to facilitate the development of hybrid work without restrictions. Each department was meticulously designed to incorporate both flexible workstations and fixed stations, with meeting areas including enclosed and informal spaces, plus phone booths. The fundamental premise was to create collaborative spaces that promoted interaction between different departments, all while maintaining an essential balance between privacy and confidentiality.

In addition, Farlabo's new headquarters was designed to include training areas, a multifunctional canteen with space for presentations and leisure moments, as well as an innovative cyclorama for Community Managers, where they have their own photography space.

This project stood out for giving these new offices a distinctive and functional character, occupying the entirety of one floor in a building shared by multiple tenants. All this was achieved in strict compliance with both the economic guidelines and the deadlines set by the client.

With this renewal, Comercial Farlabo has laid the foundation for a dynamic, modern work environment adapted to the changing needs of its teams, while Kardham has once again demonstrated its expertise in the successful implementation of cutting-edge design and construction projects. This milestone has marked a significant step towards future new ways of thinking about the workplace.