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Human & Work - Paris

Fit-out of the new headquarters

Consulting -
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Discover the fit-out project of Human & Work group, a well-being and psychological health management firm, in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris. His goal ? Reconcile confidentiality, customer care and well-being.

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Project combining coaching and training rooms, a boardroom, management positions, passage stations and a reception area.


“We wanted this place to be the embodiment of what we want to be, both in our business model and in the way we want to work in our company. We wanted to be able to receive guests in this place in innovative and pleasant conditions. I hope that this place will be for all our customers, all our partners and all of our friends, an emblematic place of Human & Work and of the brands that make up the group"
David Mahé

The agora, accessible directly from the entrance 


A connection node mixing different types of furniture

The Human & Work Group logo on a green wall




The council room can open onto the agora


Or be protected during confidential meetings



Passing desks and their oak top




A fully modular and connected training room


The 100% writing wall frees up thinking


More intimate lounges for individual interviews

The Terrazzo table by Swedish designer Daniel Enoksso, matched to the Oslo armchairs from Muuto 


The small terrace and its Palissade armchairs from Hay

Sammode wall lights contrast with the cozy atmosphere of the spaces




Technical informations


Location Paris 9e
Project owner Human & Work Project Group
Surface 220 m²
Mission Contractant Général
Year 2019
Contact Valérie Philippe, Chef de projet
Photo credits Arthur M. Burt