Design & Build

Nokia - Massy

Support, design, follow-up of works

Design & Build

Our teams supported Nokia in the relocation of part of its offices in the Paris region, with the development of 7 levels in dynamic space, by zone and team territory.

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The new 11,300 m2 offices in the Ile-de-France region accommodate a total of 2,200 employees, with 1,200 workstations.

The organization of the spaces has been designed to promote co-creation, the feeling of belonging and the well-being of employees as well as an inclusive culture.


Our mission:

Change management

  • Sensitization
  • Change management communication plan
  • Training plan and collection of all relevant documents
  • "Welcome pack" with an orientation plan
  • Gather and adapt materials
  • Workshops & Ongoing Communication
  • Discussion / optimization of the layout with the RE team and the local ambassadors


Monitoring of works: Offices and Bell Labs










Technical informations


Project owner Alcatel Lucent
Partner Drees & Sommer France
Capacity 1 200 desks
Mission Consulting, Design, Follow-up of works
Area 11 300 m²
Year 2022