Paris La Défense

Renovation of the headquarters of the Public institution for the development, management, and leadership of the district La Défense, the first European business district

Leased 3 floors (17, 18, 19) in Tower B of “Cœur Défense” in order to consolidate Defacto and Epadesa employees
Project that ties together indoors and outdoors, through artworks that represent La Défense
Design thinking principle tailored to project mode, encouraging creativity

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General Contractor:

  • Strategic outline
  • Space strategy
  • Technical and functional scheduling
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Furniture
  • Transfer engineering

The art of La Défense, the narrative of spaces

With its open-air museum, the first European business district is like no other: architectural works rub shoulders with works of art and create a strong cultural identity, so the establishment is proud. It is quite natural that this cultural and architectural heritage served as a decorative red thread for the premises that the client wanted to be unique.


Inspiration from Joan Miró's "fantastic characters"

Paris La Défense - Mobilier

The colors of the furniture have been harmonized

Paris La Défense - Miro


Inspirations from the works of Moretti's "Monster"


Inspiration from Raymond Moretti's "Cheminée"

Inspiration from the André Malraux Park in Nanterre, and the "cheminées végétales" from Edouard François:

From 3D... reality


The loops of the Seine, symbolized by a resin encrusted in the ground

Paris La Défense - La Seine



Paris La Défense - Colonnes de Moretti


Paris La Défense - Espace d'appel téléphonique



Inspiration from the Nuages ​​district of Nanterre

Technical informations


Ville Courbevoie (92)
Maitre d'ouvrage Paris La Défense
Mission Contractant Général
Surface 4 800 m², 200 postes
Montant 18.5 M€ HT
Livraison 2018