Saint-Exupéry Clinic

Global and graduated care in Nephrology


The clinic already has a Laboratory Dialysis Center, Radiology, Consultancy services, SSANP, SSR, Kinesitherapy.

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The clinic ensures its functional autonomy by relocating two services to the heart of its own property: imaging, the laboratory for medical analyzes. This new provision results in: 

  • a new positioning for general reception
  • a redistribution of the logistics unit; extensions of areas for imaging, laboratory, hospitalization, consultation, unplanned care reception service, partial redevelopment of existing facilities to ensure functional consistency with the extension
  • finally, the creation of underground parking for staff and patients.

East view


West view


Reception of the clinic


Technical informations


Location Toulouse (31)
Contracting authority Saint-Exupéry ​Clinic
Partners Pierre Fernandez, Betem, Technisphère, Kardham Ingénierie/Betem 
Mission Base
Amount 35 M€
Surface 14,500 sqm
Capacity 86 beds
Delivery 2020
BIM Management