Shopping Centre Leclerc Blagnac

European Shopping Centre Awards, Commendation refurbishments / expansions large


An extension with no less than 20,000 sqm for this vast commercial equipment and 1,500 new air parking spaces, essential for the proper functioning of this place on the outskirts of the city.

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The first image offered to the visitors is that of the skin of the 3 higher levels of the carpark.
The vertical vents comprise a range of colours, from green to blue, seeming to appear randomly. The layout in strips, of various heights, is enough to make this large drapery vibrate. When associated with the movement of a vehicle, the drapery creates a kinetic vision of the place.


Colors, from green to blue, accompany the kinetics of movement


The air car park is rooted in the continuity of the shopping center


The car park remains anchored in the landscape at night


Traffic runs along the edges of the building


The skylight brings the maximum of the naturalness inside the center




Technical informations


Location Blagnac (31)
Contracting authority SAS Pierrenoble
Partners Technique et Coordination, Barbanel, Oteis, Veritas, Norisko, Preventist 
Mission Full
Surface 16,500 sqm
Parking  55 000 sqm SHOB whether 1,750 places
Amount 40 M€ HT
Delivery 2006