Design & Build -

Tarkett, Tour Initiale - Puteaux

A floor project

Design & Build -

As part of a lease renegotiation, we carried out a study on the optimization of occupied surface areas with a view to freeing up space.

We then continued with a mission to support the design of future layouts, as well as the execution of works on an occupied site and project management.

Creating a continuity between the industrial-style elements present in the hall, the red thread of this renovation proposes a fresh, natural and up-to-the-minute atmosphere, while bringing new services to users.

A natural environment is created with the use of warm materials such as wood and the enhancement of concrete surfaces. The whole is softened by hints of verdant color and stabilized vegetation on a selective basis.

Spread over 7 floors, this 5,500 m² project showcases Tarkett's materials, with some fifty different floorings, as well as work on the detour of materials.

Inspired by the shade cards of the carpet ranges, each floor offers a different theme, colorimetry and atmosphere. The focus was on thematically-related flooring, with alternating types of flooring to match the different worlds (Urban, Desert, Countryside, Forest, Ocean, Dream).

The meeting tables and associated lighting fixtures were designed and produced in Tarkett PVC to illustrate the potential and highlight their product.

Again with the aim of showcasing the products, a showroom was designed to welcome customers in a space dedicated to exchanges, with all the products nearby.

The showroom



The cafeteria