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Designing the buildings of tomorrow around innovative uses and new interactions means using academic research. Because we believe in the strength of the collective and in the openness of ideas, we share here, with you, the research conducted by our experts.

Reconciling building and occupant behavior: challenges and methods to support changes

Delphine Labbouz

Independent consultant-researcher, doctor in social and environmental psychology, specialist in supporting behavior changes for ecological transition

The office, a place to collaborate

Marc Bertier

Marc Bertier

Workplace Strategist

+33 52 65 25 99


Urban diversity is a fundamental tool for city success

Roman Coste

Roman Coste

Managing Partner

+33 6 09 65 60 34


Chantal Aïra-Crouan

Chantal Aïra Crouan

Chantal Aïra-Crouan

Associate Architect
Director of the Paris IDF branch

+33 1 82 97 02 02


The cost of flex-office: rhetoric and reality

The services dimension is essential to bring real estate into the IT world

Pascal Zératès

Pascal Zératès

Kardham Digital Managing Director

+33 6 82 55 63 35


Rethinking school spaces: the example of Van Gogh college in Blénod les Pont-à-Mousson

Claude Schmitt

Claude Schmitt

Principal of Vincent Van Gogh College in Blénod-les-Pont-à-Mousson