Inauguration of the "Maison Palladio", a place of expression to build the city

October 2021

During its annual evening held this Thursday, October 7, the Palladio Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, with its 80 founders and patrons, inaugurated at 8 rue Favart (Paris 2e arrdt) the "Maison Palladio ”, a unique place of expression to build the city.

After having proposed, through the University of the City of Tomorrow, a new mode of cooperation and dialogue between public actors, private actors and civil society, the Palladio Foundation continues to challenge and innovate in the service of the interest general and the common good.

“Because it is a place of meetings, exchanges, debates and reflection, because it mobilizes each year more than 700 Palladians and supports several thousand individuals who make and will make the city, the Palladio Foundation has decided to equip itself with a physical, central place designed in a very open way, where all the living forces it sets in motion can converge,” emphasizes Bertrand de Feydeau, President of the Palladio Foundation.

“Maison Palladio is distinguished from a family home, a guest house, an event venue, a third-place, a coworking space, an office, a library, information center, laboratory, gallery, café, cinema, agora, or even a passage. What if she was all of these at once? A true demonstrator of the hybridization of uses, its mission will be to bring about meetings and federate initiatives around this sustainable and inclusive city that we want for tomorrow" adds Mathieu Garro, Deputy Director General of the Palladio Foundation.

"The Maison Palladio was designed as a place of welcome, openness and discussion on the subjects of the making of the city. Beyond the events of the various poles of the foundation that will be held there, it will be offering its own program in the coming weeks, which will expand over the months: conferences, debates, film screenings, exhibitions ... invited to open the doors of this house and come and have a good time! », Adds Lucie Cuenin, responsible for development and sponsorship of the Palladio Foundation.

To design the project, the Palladio Foundation was supported by Altarea (for the spaces), RAAM (for the layout), Volume ABC (for the decoration) and by a steering committee made up of:

  • Marie-Douce Albert, journalist, head of the urban planning & architecture section at the Moniteur
  • Najoua Arduini Elatfani, Director of Development at Nexity
  • Clémence Béchu, partner and director of development at Agence Bechu & Associés
  • Axelle Baillet, Director of Development France at DoveVivo
  • Nathalie Bardin, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing, CSR and Innovation at Altarea
  • Dorra Ghrab, Business & Development Director of Site Engineering
  • Julien Goubault, general secretary of Klépierre
  • Brice Piechaczyk, associate architect of Enia Architects
  • Astrid Pelletier, Managing Director of Elan - Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France
  • Andréa Poletti, project manager at Generali Climate Lab
  • Sandra Roumi, President of Business Immo
  • Jeanne Varaldi, senior consultant at Utopies

The annual evening of the Palladio Foundation was also an opportunity to present the fruits of a new year of collective actions for the city of tomorrow through the publication of the "Palladio Travel Book 2020-2021". To download it, click here.

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