Kardham x Les Cycles de l’Immobilier

February 2022

We are delighted to renew our support for the Cycles de l'Immobilier charity ride for its 6th edition.

Sylvie Simon Elia and Eve Simon, who will represent Kardham


At Kardham, we share a number of strong messages behind this initiative: first and foremost, the conviction that the commitment and effort of each individual, in this case each cyclist, can bring about great things for everyone.

It's also a fantastic opportunity to show that, while the involvement of each individual is essential to the success of a project, this is multiplied by the strength of the collective, because you can never succeed alone. The commitment and strength of the collective that underpin this race are very much in line with Kardham's DNA, and also what makes it so strong in its market: Kardham federates 400 men and women from different cultures, professions and backgrounds: consultants, architects, engineers, designers, sociologists, employees who are all different, all unique and at the same time all interdependent and all mobilized for the success of common projects: those of our customers, those of the company and those that we decide to support together, like this hike.


We also measure the satisfaction that runners derive from the effort they have made, the feeling that they have made a contribution by raising funds. This notion of usefulness is also deeply rooted at Kardham, and is confirmed on a daily basis by our customers and partners. Whether they're owners, investors, developers or users, whether we're working with them on consultancy, architecture, space design or building digitalization, there's a strong need for ever more virtuous and useful square meters.

We know how important it is to enrich every project with a genuine sense of environmental and social responsibility, as the real estate industry undergoes a transition. In a context of changing uses, no real estate project can take place without putting people at the heart of the process. This has always been the case, but as we enter the second year of a health crisis, and the world of commercial real estate undergoes a veritable revolution, everything reminds us even more how important it is to make sense.

Finally, we at Kardham are also convinced that nothing is built as well as it should be over the long term, which is why we are delighted to be once again at the side of the runners in 2022.

The Fondation des Architectes de l'Urgence which we support, still has a great deal to do to give a roof over the heads and decent living conditions to all those in need. Rebuilding schools, healthcare centers and public buildings is also very much in line with our vision of useful, responsible real estate that is open to its environment.

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