Ynov Digital Campus building permit approval

July 2018

This digital campus strengthens the synergies existing between different players in the economic environment and Toulouse universities. The campus includes 3 separate buildings: a digital school, a coworking building, a student hotel.

The school building and the coworking building are twin volumes of the same size and the same external appearance, except for certain vibrations in the facade and the roof layout. Both are contained in clear volumes that are open to the outside and can be read from the public space.

The student hotel, as the main 10,000 m² building, has a capacity of 354 rooms, including a restaurant, study rooms and gym, along with a solarium.

The whole complex guarantees architectural harmony around the Place de l’Europe.

Contracting authority: SCCV Careto at Icade Promotion

Work supervision: Kardham Architecture, Atemps Architecture Munvez Serra (associate architect).

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David Habrias

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