Maison de la Réussite

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Well located at the epicentre of the University, it establishes dialogue with the campus and the adjoining. A single entry point for new entrants on pedagogical support and self-training, it welcomes 3,360 people, including 2,980 students. Its architecture completes the island, assigning to the ground its unitary and unifying power. Like a carpet looped by the limits of the sidewalks, the ground welcomes the inhabited park, fresh, shaded, mineral and vegetal and imposes it as public space.
Cœur d'îlot

The vegetation will dominate the imposing building


Different spaces of exchange, work within the hall


The corridors will be clean, ready to welcome all students 

Technical informations


Location Toulouse (31)
Contracting authority Université de Toulouse, Sacim Université Fédérale
Partners Kardham Ingénierie BET HQE (Cotraitants), Arcadis, Céris, Gamba acoustique, S. Bordonne
Mission MOP
Surface 9,500 sqm
Amount 15 M€
Delivery 2020
Environmental approach

GER Total cost (CERTIVEA HQE generic project Tertiary buildings) Carbon Balance Method© Total cost

BIM Methodology