Pibrac High School

The construction project of the new Pibrac High school falls under the ambitious environmental approach of the Midi-Pyrénées region, with the objective to reach the level of the BEPOS-Effinergie label.


The importance of the natural elements is the guiding principle of the design of the project, so the Cardete Huet agency wished to align this future high school within this sense of place, a dialogue between plant and mineral, made necessary by the uses.

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The facades, fitted with metal facings, offer a rough aspect of rusty colour. Associated with glass and plant, the unit stretches out an undulating and elegant silhouette.

General horizontality is asserted, not as an end in itself, but as a technical way to sit the project within its site.

The agency and its partners favoured a “solar-geothermal” solution for heating (solar and geothermic energy), and the natural light also contributes to the comfort of the buildings, especially as it is controlled and controllable by the occupants.








Technical informations


Contracting authority Midi-Pyrénées Region
Contracting authority support  Cogemip
Engineering SSI / Girus / J. Robert Ingénierie / D. 
Capacity 1 000 students in phase 1
Mission Complète
Area 10 500 m²
Price 18.5 M€ HT
Delivery 2017