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December 2020

Kardham Digital, the first Information systems and consultancy company dedicated to commercial real estate, has completed the building's digital and audiovisual installations, which includes the general management and support teams (Rueil-Malmaison) and the new Ile-de-France Regional Management (Clichy) of thyssenkrupp Elevators, specializing in elevators, escalators, moving walkways and automatic doors. Kardham Digital has also designed a customized service application allowing thyssenkrupp Elevators employees to manage their workspaces in real time and to optimize their journey within the company.

High expectations in terms of image, user experience and cyber security
Last November, thyssenkrupp Ascenseurs decided to move its French activities from a single location in Puteaux to two new, separate sites: the specialist in the transport of people and goods by elevators, escalators and moving walkways thus moved its general management and support teams to a new building in Rueil-Malmaison, while the Ile-de-France Regional Management moved to new premises in Clichy.

Expectations were high around the project: with regard to external audiences (customers, visitors, partners, etc.) the digital and audiovisual installation was to contribute to making these 2,500 m2 of new facilities a technological showcase for thyssenkrupp Elevators. For the 150 employees spread over the two sites, the wish was to make their journey more fluid in order to offer them the best possible experience within the framework of a new organization of work in unallocated offices and to provide them with a high-performance digital workplace for remote work situations. Expectations were also high in terms of the compatibility of collaboration tools and the cyber-security of the proposed solutions.

Optimize the employee journey and manage workspaces in real time
Kardham Digital has thus carried out the entire digital and audiovisual installation of these two buildings: screens, collaboration solutions, remote communication tools between teams, digital display, etc... The project features a new layout concept that allows, for example, to welcome customers and make product demonstrations.

A tailor-made mobile service application has also been designed for the dynamic reservation of workspaces and external resources (cabs, meal delivery, etc.). The development of this application was made possible thanks to the integration by Kardham Digital of the Building activity of ViaDirect, a specialist in the design, implementation and operation of digital workspace management solutions.

The proposed solutions enable workspaces real time management and optimize the fluidity of the user's journey. As an example, the service application allows the employees of thyssenkrupp Elevators to know the use of the working environments and to anticipate the number of people present in the offices. These features are useful in light of the current health crisis for the employees working on both sites but also for the employees of other regional departments of thyssenkrupp Elevators when they plan their journeys in the Ile-de-France offices.

The thyssenkrupp Elevators IT Department was also involved upstream of the project so that the solutions meet the group's strictest requirements in terms of compatibility, IT risk management and compliance with the regulations in force, particularly in terms of personal data (GDRP).

In cooperation with the HRD of thyssenkrupp Elevators, we also proposed a QWL approach of the service application. Thanks to dedicated capsule content, employees, whether they are on site or working remotely, can better evolve within this new digital workplace. The application provides them with numerous answers to their questions, particularly in terms of telework management.

In addition, thanks to its "digital helpers", Kardham Digital supported and trained the thyssenkrupp Elevators teams in using all the digital tools.


"We are pleased with the renewed confidence that thyssenkrupp Elevators has shown in us to support it in its new organization and in its new digital workplace challenges. This achievement is a perfect illustration of the vision that a tertiary building must more than ever evolve towards: an agile services platform, open to new ways of working and focused on the needs of its various users. It also illustrates our ambition: to make Kardham Digital a key partner in the digitization of work environments, always with this responsible and sustainable approach to infrastructure design," says Pascal Zératès, Managing Director of Kardham Digital.

"When we defined our new organization, our wish was to have more modern and innovative offices, in the image of thysssenkrup Elevators. Digitized and connected work environments that also allow us to work differently and bring teams closer together. We chose Kardham Digital to support us because the proposed solution was in line with our aspirations and constraints: a global solution that makes the most of the power of digital technology to facilitate the daily life of our teams, their comfort and safety, all within a strict health and regulatory framework," says Emmanuel Paris, President of thyssenkrupp Elevators.


Pascal Zératès

Pascal Zératès, Managing Director of Kardham Digital

Emmanuel Paris

Emmanuel Paris, Chairman of thyssenkrupp Elevators



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