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Space as a resource

Business real estate is now to be seen as a global resource. Space is indeed central not only to the financial and technical performance of an organisation but also to its management and human resources.

To effectively manage its real estate requires a systemic vision and a wide range of expertise, for using real estate as a resource often leads to a clash in contradictory demands: between flexibility and durability, image and cost, optimisation and attractiveness, management and personnel.

Backed up by these findings, we will help you to find solutions which are the best fit at economic, functional, technical, managerial or cultural level.


Drive the sustainable profitability of your real estate assets
We optimise your assets using our expert knowledge of both buildings and uses.

Our vision of the market and our deep and independent analyses of occupants needs
enable us to establish the best market positioning for your assets throughout their lifecycle
whether in the property marketing phase or value-added selling phase.

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  • Appraise the relevance of an investment project
  • Recommend how assets can be increased in value
  • Devise an operational marketing strategy
  • Maximise leasing income


All our expertise to optimise your real estate.
All our expertise to optimise your real estate.
How do we optimise the cost of real estate?
Which scenario will give best value to real estate assets?
How to answer the multiple challenges of a broad property portfolio?
How to align the real estate with the strategy of the company?
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  • Decision-making aid and opportunity study: stay or leave? rent or buy?
  • Real Estate Strategic Plan: main trends of your patrimonial and real estate policy, projected over a 5 to 10 years’ period.
  • Site search and negotiation, to own or lease: office, retail, commercial.
  • Renegotiation of leases.
  • Operation set-up Property Development Agreements (Contrat de Promotion Immobilière / CPI) Off-plan sales (Vente en l’État Futur d’Achèvement / VEFA) Off-plan lease (Bail en l’État Futur d’Achèvement / BEFA)
  • Support for the promotion of complex real estate units: assessment, transfer tenders...

Workplace consulting

All our expertise to optimise your real estate.
Turn your managerial project into powerful and lasting workspaces.
New organisations are changing the face of office work.
Over and above the constant drive for efficiency, new concepts come out: implication, empowerment, emotional experience.
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  • Strategy and design guidelines
  • Design and branding
  • Furniture and fitting
  • Change management


Mastering project design and control.
Launching of a real estate project is always a major challenge. Some tipping points strongly determine future success: Have all scenarios been considered? Have there been good negotiations? Has the project management been organised and planned, establishing a coherent programme?
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  • Feasibility and technical studies
  • Programming and planning
  • Project management