Crystal manufacture and glass-making

Closing of logistics platform at Combs-la-Ville (77) in order to merge and optimize activities on the sole production site at Wingen-sur-Moder.

  • Surface treated industrial process 1,300 sqm + VRD (various services and landscape installations) 5,000 sqm
  • Surface treated logistics centre 2,500 sqm + VRD (various services and landscap installations) 2,000 sqm
  • Since 2008

Missions : Architect and project manager
Industrial process :

  • Extension of a building sheltering the manufacture process of furnaces for continuous crystal production fusion as well as automated supply equipment
  • Creation of a building for storage of products
  • Improvement of reception flows and forwarding of products
  • Adaptation of parking spaces
  • Re-installation and new organisation of the « Foundry » workshop

Creation of new logistics centre intended for storage of finished products, as well as picking infrastructure and entire forwarding line.