Sanofi Pasteur

Help with growth of organisation at global Head Office.

Design and manufacture of vaccines

  • 950 work stations,
  • 21,000 sqm
  • Lyon, Rhone-Alps
  • 2010

Missions : Project consultancy

Project 1 : Reorganisation of buildings Confluence 1 and Confluence 2 in order to consolidate support functions in the first building and business transactions in the second building. Work on occupied site with schedule of works and transfer of operations. Important optimization of occupation of space – switch from offices with partitions to open-plan offices.

Project 2 : Integration of IT management in a new Confluent building 3 (space planning + transfer). Switch from a semi-partitioned work environment to an open plan work environment. Acoustics and installation of a sound masking device.

Achievements :

  • Conceptualization of tertiary spaces, with setting-up of new workplace concept,
  • acoustic studies,
  • budgetary and technical follow-up,
  • space planning,
  • schedule of transfers.