MMArena stadium, Le Mans

More than a stadium, it was designed as a “total” complex, more than a stadium, it was also designed as a living centre, but as an “Anglo-Saxon” stadium, it provides its 25,000 spectators with a clear proximity to the pitch.

Location :

Le Mans

Contracting authority :

Le Mans Métropole

Works supervision :

Cardete Huet / Studio B. Huet

Engineering :

Ducks Sceno, CMB, MAP3, Sigma Ingénierie, Boulard, Sud Etudes, Peutz & Associés, Guillaume Sevin, Soderef Développement

Mission :


Capacity :

25,000 seating positions 38,000 in show setting


27 944 sqm


57 901 sqm

Amount :

€ 85m pre-tax

Delivery :


Photo credit :

H. Abbadie